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When I started traveling and discovering foreign cities and countries, i never imagined that one day myself would welcome travelers from all over the world to my bed and breakfast. But discovering the wonders of faraway places and experiencing the warmth of others' hospitality made me a desire is born at the bottom of the heart: to be able to create a special refuge in my land, in which I would transmit my passion for Sardinia, combining it with the comfort and relaxation that all travelers need.
I had a special place where I could realize my idea, the old family villa facing the sea, I just needed a lot of determination and desire to do to give it back the ancient splendor it had in my father Efisio's times.
I wanted to let the passing visitors experience the same emotions that the great and beautiful Bonetti family had lived in that wonderful residence, at Poetto.
I found two allies in the family, my mother Bonaria and my sister Maria Luisa. The first one guided me and gave me courage with great determination, while the second,with the help of  my grandchildren, welcomed and managed my first guests with me.
My brother-in-law Roberto helped us with the English translations and gave us a short course to refresh the language.
Thus was born one of the first bed and breakfasts in Cagliari and Poetto.
And the first travelers arrived and I was finally able to fulfill my dream: now it was I who welcomed people and made their vacation special.
In October 2012 my mother disappeared. I knew that his greatest desire was to renovate the villa and make the bed and breakfast even more beautiful and welcoming.
My sister Alessandra,helped by her great passion for design and putting so much of her personal taste,has furnished the rooms, fulfilling my mother's wish.
Villa Maria Luisa now shines in its Mediterranean atmospheres and in the intense colors of the celestial.
The bed and breakfast bears the name of my grandmother Maria Luisa while the rooms have the names of my nieces Fracesca, Giorgia and Matilda. I carry the MariBo room in my heart, because it was once the domain of my mother Maria Bonaria:the kitchen.
The names of the villa and the rooms are not random: they remind the story of the women of my family, people with a strong character, who rejoiced within the walls of this house.
I wish the joy and serenity that have always lingered between these walls can make themselves felt in the hearts of the guests, faithful to the idea that a happy home is a living house.
Through joining and loving each other, I was able to realize this beautiful experience.

A big thank you;to dad and mom who believed in me.


Villa Maria Luisa, viale lungo mare Poetto, 252.
Contacs: Telephone number:-0705928140./(+39)3477088167

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